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With all adventures on hold, we’re sharing stories about the things we can’t wait to get back to doing (or seeing, or eating)! What’s yours? We’re doing this Sesame Street style, so make sure you are in a nice quiet place and give us a hearty “R is for Restaurants” or “B is for Bar” before you tell us about your favorite. . . whatever it is!

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Beating the winter blahs: Prepare for spring!

I’m a warm weather gal. If the temp is below 78 degrees, I’m cold. I can’t change the weather; but what I can do, is get out the thermals, enjoy winter while it’s here, and get ready to spring. the hell. FORWARD!

Beating The Winter Blahs: Embrace It!

I’m the one who looks forward to winter every year. For those who dread the coming cold, my coping strategy is to try embracing it!

Beating The Winter Blahs: Indoor Activities

If you are already battling depression and anxiety, the winter blahs, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, can be that much more difficult to combat. I am generally not a winter person.  I am petite, therefore easily prone to being cold, even when others around me are...

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