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All Adventures on Hold 😱

It’s 2020 and the whole world is grounded. COVID-19 has most of the Adventurers sequestered in their homes, and all of our upcoming adventures postponed indefinitely 😷. NYC is locked down pretty hard, with more and more public spaces becoming off limits, folks are starting to go a little stir crazy.

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Never fear! Your Introvert Support Squad is here to help! . . .sort of! With all adventures on hold, we’ve nothing to do but tell stories. We have so much helpful information and so very many stories. The power of a good story can transport you. The Adventurers grew up in libraries, being carried off to far away lands and fantasy worlds by storytelling. Reminisce with us! We want to hear your stories too.

We’re each handling the quarantine a little differently; but we share a long list of things we want to get back to. . . .someday. For most of us it’s a nostalgia-light at the end of this tunnel, helping us pass the days lockdown. For at least one of us, a list of things we love to do is a shield over the ticking anxiety bomb that is having to go back to the grind someday. 😮

Like true nerds, our list is so long, we had to take it alphabetically. These are just the top things we came up with, did we forget anything?

Aquariums, Amusement Parks

Beaches, Boardwalks, Brunch, Bars!

Camping, Craft Fairs, Concerts, Coney Island

Diners, Dive Bars, Drag Shows

Escape Rooms!

Festivals (music + food!), Flights, Fireworks, Florida

Gardens, Guanabanas

Horseback Riding, Highline, Historical places

Ice Cream


Key Lime Pie, Key West

Lake, Libraries, Lighthouses

Museums, Mountains, Movies


Overlooks, of the scenic variety

Parks, Picnics, Poutine

Queens – yes the borough. (We miss you Jess!)

Ruins, Road Trips! Restaurants, Renaissance Fairs

Stadiums, South Beach, Spumoni Gardens

Trails, Tea houses

Underground adventures! Caves, Catacombs, other weird shit we 💖

Vixens En Garde

Waterfalls – yes, we chase them, despite melodic warnings from TLC

Xenagogy – we love playing the low-key tourist in other cities!


Zoos, Zip-lining

We’ll be expanding on just what we mean by all of this letter by letter! Check back to hear the stories on the podcast and get the travel info in each post. Get out your pen and paper, or Pinterest board and let’s plan some post-‘COVID FUN.

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