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For introverted personalities, any and all interaction can be a nightmare…or an adventure. This world just isn’t built for us. Each week our crew examines aspects of everyday life from the perspective of an introvert and we figure out how to help you navigate through.

But these aren’t the gentle-hearted, soft-spoken, shy butterfly introverts that popular culture would have you believing are the only kind of introverts out there. We take up space. We make noise when necessary, and educate personal space invaders on how far back they need to stand to be safe.


About The Show

Each week our crew examines aspects of everyday life from an introvert’s perspective and we figure out how to navigate the bright, loud, hyper-interactive existence we face every day, without completely losing it.

Making some allies along the way, and possibly even carving new paths for ourselves! (paths that are dimly lit….and quieter)

Introverts of the world unite!!! — in spirit, from our respective homes.

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The crew discusses ways to take your comfort zone with you whether you’re heading across town, or across the country. Get our tips and tricks for walking through the world without letting it in.

We also share worst case scenarios and travel nightmares from trips gone by. Learn from our mistakes!

Season 2, Episode 4    |    38min

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More Steel Magnolia than shrinking violet, our crew greets every adventure like a mission into space. Observe, assess, report, survive. Most importantly, enjoy. Follow our gang on everyday adventures battling city commutes, as well as once in a lifetime trips to witness the gears of the universe turning. Listen and live vicariously, learn from our mistakes, or let us help you prepare for your own adventures! 

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